Suzanne Weyn

Suzanne Weyn

Suzanne Weyn grew up as a beach baby on Long Island, New York. She is the oldest of four and a graduate of Nassau Community College and SUNY Binghamton. She holds a Masters in Teaching Adolescents from Pace University and has taught at New York University and City College of New York.

Suzanne is the author of the young adult novels, The Invisible World: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials, Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic (Booklist, starred review), Reincarnation, Diamond Secret, The Night DanceThe Crimson Thread and South Beach Sizzle with Diana Gonzalez (Quills Award nomination).   

Her novel The Bar Code Tattoo, a Scholastic Point Thriller, was named by the American Library Assoc. (ALA) as an ‘05 Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers and Nominated by the Nevada Library Assoc. as an ‘07 Best Young Adult Book. It continues to appear on high school and middle school reading lists. The German translation of The Bar Code Tattoo was short-listed for the prestigious jugenliteraturpreis. The sequels are The Bar Code Rebellion (2006) and The Bar Code Prophecy (2012).

Her environmental-thriller, Empty was named a “Bank Street 2011 Best Book for Children and Young Adults.”

Suzanne has contributed three short novels—Beaten, Recruited, and Full Impact-- to the “Surviving Southside” series which was named an ALA  2012 Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. She is also the author of a horse series for younger readers, the six-book “Wildwood Stables.”

In January 2013 her novel Frankenstein’s Daughters will be published. Her new novel Faces of the Dead about the French Revolution, but with some scary, unexpected twists, will be out end of August 2014.

For more information, go to Wikipedia, and also Suzanne Weyn Author on Facebook or follow any of the links below.  You can also find her on Tumblr and Twitter.

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Scholastic, Inc., New York, NY, staff writer, associate editor, Parachute Press, New York, NY, senior editor;

New York University, New York, NY, adjunct professor of children's and business writing, City College of New York, adjunct lecturer;

Recent Writings for Young Adults

  • Faces of the Dead (Scholastic Hardcover) 2014
  • Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters (Scholastic Hardcover) 2013
  • Invisible World (Scholastic Hardcover) 2013
  • The Bar Code Prophecy (Scholastic, Point Thriller) 2012
  • Distant Waves (Scholastic hardcover) April 2009
  • The Diamond Secret (Simon Pulse) June 2009
  • Reincarnation  (Scholastic hardcover) 2008
  • The Crimson Thread (Simon Pulse) 2008
  • The Bar Code Rebellion (Scholastic, Point Thriller) 2006
  • Water Song (Simon Pulse) 2006
  • South Beach Sizzle (with Diana Gonzalez) (Simon Pulse) 2005
  • The Night Dance (Simon Pulse) 2005
  • The Bar Code Tattoo (Scholastic, Point Thriller) 2004

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